Exchange your phone for cash in 3 steps

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Give us details
about your phone
and get an offer

Select the model of device you want to trade in, tell us the details like the, capacity, carrier and condition. Our filters make it easier than ever. We’ll give an offer based on the details you left.


Prepare and ship
us your phone

We will send you instructions to help to reset your phone. You will get a free shipping label to ship in your phone using your own box. We can provide you with a box for a cost upon request.


Get paid as soon
as possible in cash
or via PayPal

Once we have received your phone, we inspect it to ensure that everything matches with the details and condition you provided. If everything looks good, we’ll send you money via PayPal.

It’s easy to get paid when you sell devices through Swaptecs

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No overthinking, instant sale


Sell without leaving home


Know your sell price upfront


No hidden fees or haggling


No interaction with anonymous users