Turn your company’s old devices into cash

Do you have many unused and unwanted phones at home or want to replace your business mobile phones with new ones? We help you to sell or dispose of phones in large numbers.

Swaptecs will deliver the best offer for anyone with 10 or more devices to sell. Selling phones in bulk is better than selling one at a time, as bulk orders save resources and are processed faster.

  • Save on shipping resources
  • Receive better bulk rates
  • We accept broken phones
  • Data wiping upon arrival
  • Better for the environment
  • Leave us info

    List the models and condition, get the best quote for your devices

  • Ship your devices

    Just pack up your device and ship We will coordinate shipping

  • Get paid fast

    You will receive payment as soon as your devices are inspected

Sell in bulk

Save on the postage and shipping costs as well as the time taken for shipping and processing the order.

If you wish to write us an email instead please use: